Purple Is The New Black

How Do You Put On Purple Shades?

Purple color is one of the most seductive colors

The purple color is one of the most seductive colors there is -it is sexy, sophisticated, deep,

and the person who chooses it conveys the message that it is undoubtedly a dominant woman who believes in herself. Winter looked purple everywhere - in fashion collections and makeup collections. A brief overview of the makeup shelves near your place of residence will reveal that they are already filled with oval lipsticks, like the color of the lipstick on the model in the picture - the perfect color of the season, palettes of shades of purple shades and even lip pencils and a warm mascara.


Total Look: (not only) for a select few

When you are wearing purple makeup you can choose one of two halves. The first, Total Luke Purple to suit a bold and dominant Luke can't be missed or ignored because it attracts much attention. The look is made of silhouettes, lipstick, and mascara.

Choose a palette of silhouettes that have a variety of shades and according to the color of the eyes match the most precise color. For example, blue or green eyes will particularly compliment dark shades of purple and brown eyes and better fit a slightly lighter shade of purple.

Tip: You can apply the silhouettes individually and you can combine them and even create a smoky and dramatic look with the darker shades of purple.

Complement the eye makeup with purple mascara. After we finish our eye makeup we can get rid of the old myth that if we turned our eyes in bold, it is best to leave the lips in a natural and clean look. In recent years the world of makeup has broken the rules and can definitely complete the Total Lok with purple lipstick.

However, it is important to carefully apply the lipstick: First, draw the line of the lips with a dedicated pencil in a shade that matches the color of the lipstick and then fills the lips with the chosen lipstick. To refine the look: You can add a transparent lipgloss or a matching shade.

Purple is all

If you do not feel bold enough to make purple all over the face, that does not mean you have to give up. On the contrary, especially in light of the fact that the color purple corresponds to any skin color from the most bright to the darkest (assuming you choose the exact shade for the coloring editor).

You can choose silhouettes, lipstick, or a lip pencil that turns into an eye pencil in an instant.